tokidoki Soda Shop Palette (Post from 02/10/2011)

Yes my lovlies there is a new and improved tokidoki palette available at Sephora!!!!! This palette is extremely cute, sugar sweet and a little rock n’ roll!
(Exterior Tin)
(Interior Mirror)
Okay, now on with the review:
COST: $49
-12 eyeshadow
-1 liquid eyeliner
-1 nail file
-1 sheet of magnets
-1 tokidoki logo magnet
– collectible tin
1.Skull Donut
2.Nancy Rocks
Eyeliner: Carina
The eyeshadows and liner are very pigmented! The eye liner is called Carina and is a very deep Maroon/Purple color that is a nice change from the basic black. It can be worn with many looks without being boring. The eyeshadows are smooth and glide on beautifully. I adore the cute names and pictures they have for each one as well. The little nail file is so cute and a great conversation starter. My friend asked me for a file to use and I handed her that one out of my purse and she couldn’t help but giggle. It’s ridiculously cute!
This palette also comes with a sheet of magnets that you can put absolutely anywhere magnets can go. If you are still in school, you can decorate your locker with these cute magnets or if you are not, just decorate your fridge!!!!!
Back to the liner for a moment….The cap/lid for the eyeliner has a type of spring in it which I believe is for the purpose of pushing down the felt tip applicator in order to keep it from drying out. I am not certain if this is so but if anyone does know, feel free to comment!
I know that the price is not for everyone and to be honest, I really shouldn’t have bought it lol. The palette is an investment  and it’s well worth the money and one of those items you can collect and get a lot of use out of. If you have any questions or if you believe I have missed anything, please comment below and let me know!
Thank you guys and catchya soon! Until next time…

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