Hautelook.com Purchase + Mini Review

 Hello Hello Hello!!!!!

So, I recently made a small purchase from Hautelook.com during one of their many awesome sales and purchased two cream blushes from Being True Cosmetics. I had never heard of the company before so I decided, HEY, WHY NOT??

The colors I chose were Pink and Sienna. These products normally run about $22 dollars each so buying them through Hautelook for just $5 was a steal that I could not pass up! I also had a $10 credit on my account so I ended up only paying a total of $4.95 which was the cost of shipping. WIN!! 




The package was super rough to open and once I did open it, the product was hard to get out! I shouldn’t need to use extra muscle just to take something out of a small box lol. Once I opened the compact, the pan fell right out!! OH BOOOO! I then realized that the pans are not sealed at all into the compact which for me personally is not good because when the product fell out the contents became dirty. 😦 Also the mirror had an oily film on it from the product… Ewwwie!!

The color payoff is not that great once blended in. It may be a better fit for someone with a lighter skin tone or for someone just needing a hint of color to add some life to their face. I had to rub really hard in order to get enough color just for the swatch! Hmmm, I’m pretty glad I paid close to nothing altogether!! 

Is it worth the actual $22? Absolutely NOT! Would I buy them again for the $5? Most likely no. Overall I was not pleased with the product and I do not recommend it if you have not tried it but as with everything….That’s just my opinion!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this teeny tiny haul and mini review and I will see you soon with more beauty goodness. See ya later loves ^_^ BYE!


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