Kommon Kourtesy – A time for Tea, Biscuits + Disscusions! “Introduction”

Tea time

Hey there guys!

Welcome back to the wonderful world of Kai! Hahaha.

So, on my YouTube channel I started (but ended) a segment I called Kommon Kourtesy. this segment was a vlog that I did in order to talk about things that were on my mind + to voice my opinions +  advise about different situations. I want to bring this back but in blog form where it feels more intimate + you can voice your opinions freely + we can have a true chat!

I feel that this should also be a relaxing time in your day so why not make this tea time eh? When you see a Kommon Kourtesy post, sit down, grab a blanket + bring along your favorite drink (tea, wine, water, soda, beer..What ever floats your pretty little boat) + a snack + lets have a great conversation!!

Please leave me suggestions in the comments section on what type of topics you wish to discuss (I am fine with anything as long as we respect each others orientations + opinions). I hope to hear from you + I will put together a starter topic soon (fashion, books, movies, food, relationships, society….so many options lol) so we can get this party….I mean Tea Party started!!

Until next time,


❤ Kai

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