Kommon Kourtesy #2 – Reality Shows: Blood Sweat + Heels


Style, Beauty, blogs + really annoying situations! These are all the great things you can see on Bravo’s Blood, Sweat and Heels. Let me tell you how I feel about this show so far (2 episodes in).

At the start, this show seemed to be about really educated, savvy + fashion forward females in New York. I am a sucker for fashion as most of you know so I wanted to watch + see what it was all about. So far, I like the silliness of Mica Hughes (even though she can go a bit overboard when drinking) + the Strength + realness of Demetria Lucas. However, I am completely annoyed by Daisy Lewellyn with her very over the top selfishness (being selfish is the ugliest thing no matter how much money you have or how fabulous you think you may be) + her archaic mentality. Melyssa Ford is okay but I definitely feel she needs to work on growing up. She’s much too grown to be rolling her eyes + acting like a 12 year old.

Again, there have only been two episodes so I haven’t really gotten a feel for the other characters or I just checked out whenever they came on screen. I am not sure, but I know they did not grab my attention + if I did pay attention, it probably wasn’t a good reason. I actually thought that this show may be a tad bit different than other reality shows but I was wrong. Ratings are all about the drama. I have enough drama in my day without watching someone else air theirs, so with that said, I most likely will end this series with those two episodes.

Oh, before I forget…Daisy said she didn’t like bloggers because  they just sit behind a computer + type + are probably unattractive (see Ep. 1)…Hahahahaha that cracked me up because I’m really quite sexy + fashionable + the reason I blog is because it’s fun + a great way to meet others. Also, I never say anything on a blog that I am not willing to say to someones face. How can you make a judgement about a group of people if you don’t know those people. *Shakes head* poor baby!

Well, that’s my quick take on what I think of the show based on what I paid attention to. Have you seen the show? What is your take on it? Leave a comment below if you wish to share your views.

Until Next time…


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