What’s in My Makeup Bag??

Hmmm, what’s in my makeup bag? Well, lets take a look shall we??


Marc by Marc Jacobs cosmetics bag. 



Wet n’ Wild Vanity Palette, Sephora blotting sheets, Yes to Cucumber makeup wipes, makeup brushes, Lady Gaga Fame perfume, Cinnamon bun hand sanitizer (Bath +Body Works), Ms Chick Blush, NYX Lip Gloss, Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner, FabuLiner, Em Mascara, MUA Kooky Lip Lacquer, Rock + Republic press powder in Velvet. 


I love this press powder! It’s so fine + silky. Too bad I’ve hit pan because I don’t know if I will ever find this product again. I am pretty sure the cosmetic line has been discontinued for the brand. Mega sad face!! 😦


I like this perfume + sanitizer. They smell so yummy! Nom nom nom. The Fame perfume is not the normal scent I wear on a regular basis but it’s my in bag go to at the moment.


I love this palette! It’s the easiest go to palette and has every color I need for a quick neutral look. If I am running late or just want more sleep, I will do my makeup on the train or in a car…just depends where I’m going + this palette becomes my best friend!! I also can create a pretty simple smokey eye too!

Hope you liked this look into my makeup bag!  What’s in your??

Until Next Time…

♥ Kai


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Hautelook.com Purchase + Mini Review

 Hello Hello Hello!!!!!

So, I recently made a small purchase from Hautelook.com during one of their many awesome sales and purchased two cream blushes from Being True Cosmetics. I had never heard of the company before so I decided, HEY, WHY NOT??

The colors I chose were Pink and Sienna. These products normally run about $22 dollars each so buying them through Hautelook for just $5 was a steal that I could not pass up! I also had a $10 credit on my account so I ended up only paying a total of $4.95 which was the cost of shipping. WIN!! 




The package was super rough to open and once I did open it, the product was hard to get out! I shouldn’t need to use extra muscle just to take something out of a small box lol. Once I opened the compact, the pan fell right out!! OH BOOOO! I then realized that the pans are not sealed at all into the compact which for me personally is not good because when the product fell out the contents became dirty. 😦 Also the mirror had an oily film on it from the product… Ewwwie!!

The color payoff is not that great once blended in. It may be a better fit for someone with a lighter skin tone or for someone just needing a hint of color to add some life to their face. I had to rub really hard in order to get enough color just for the swatch! Hmmm, I’m pretty glad I paid close to nothing altogether!! 

Is it worth the actual $22? Absolutely NOT! Would I buy them again for the $5? Most likely no. Overall I was not pleased with the product and I do not recommend it if you have not tried it but as with everything….That’s just my opinion!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this teeny tiny haul and mini review and I will see you soon with more beauty goodness. See ya later loves ^_^ BYE!