Birchbox #2 Unboxing May 2014

Mini Giveaway!! (CLOSED)

Hey all! Here’s a mini giveaway for discounts to my new online boutique! 


The first 5 people to answer this Fashion Trivia question correct, will receive a $20 off a $45 purchase coupon to my online boutique. An additional 5 winners will receive a 10%  off coupon to use on anything in the boutique!! Woot Woot!! This giveaway will be on my blog, Twitter, Instagram + Facebook pages. Good Luck!!

What date + year did Vogue become a weekly publication in the United States? Who was it founded by?

Good luck everyone!

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My Current Plus Size Must Haves! – Chic n’ Black Styling

Hear ye,  Hear ye…

Curves are sexy, curves are not about size or weight…it’s about the wonderful feminine shape of the female body…Or guy in the sense of Legolas (” Hey baby let me get yo number…Oh, Legolas I am so sorry…) Hehehe just kidding ;).

I am a tall and curvy woman and yes I have my hang ups just like everyone else and I do want to lose weight however, I wouldn’t change my curves for the world. The beauty of showing off your body is by finding clothing that fits and accents the best parts of your body! I found 3 items that I plan to add to my wardrobe and maybe you may just love it too…TRUST ME, I’M A STYLIST!!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for BLACK CLOTHING. It’s so chic and sexy but maybe not for everyone. The looks that I found below are black but of course feel free to find these items in colors that make YOU feel confident and sexy!

Look 1: The Little Black Dress – Conservative Chic


I love this dress so much for every body shape. This is a plus size dress however a straight size individual could rock this and feel fab in it. The shape is great and I love how the hem is right below the knee. This dress is modest yet sexy at the same time!

WHERE TO BUY: Plus Size Fix for $34.99 – City Chic Turtle Neck Sleeveless Dress

FOR DAY TIME: Wear with a printed scarf, a gold boyfriend watch, skinny belt and nude heels for a chic, comfy and polished look.

FOR NIGHT TIME: Wear with a bold necklace, tennis bracelet and a bright or print heel for a sexy yet classy come hither look.

Look 2: Little Black Dress – Edgy Chic


l love a little edge with everything I wear but I don’t want to overkill on edge hahaha. This dress is a statement all on it’s own so you don’t want to over accessorize. The tiny cutouts are fun and sexy and makes this dress really fun. The faux-leather gives it that rocker feel without being over the top.

WHERE TO BUY: The Pyramid Collection for $89.95 – Perforated Black Dress

FOR DAY TIME: Wear with a cute cardigan , trendy stacked bracelets (Click here for great ones!), a cute single strap heel or simple booties and an over-sized clutch.

FOR NIGHT TIME: Wear with a bold statement ring, tights (depending on weather), a cool pair of Jeffery Campbell Litas, gold chain necklace and bold lipstick!

Look 3: Faux Leather Jacket

– Edgy Chic Part 2


I have been on the hunt for a super hot and figure flattering faux-leather jacket and when I saw this one I fell in love about 2200 times! Hahaha. This jacket has a sexy feminine touch with that bad ass girl feel as well. I love everything about it!!

WHERE TO BUY: Plus Size Fix – (I am not certain if this is still available but I LOVE it) 

FOR DAY TIME: Wear with a cute plain white top or white and simple graphic tee , a cute shoulder bag that adds a pop of color, white pants, cool wedge sneakers and a statement necklace.

FOR NIGHT TIME: Wear with a strapless red jumpsuit (check this one out!), a sparkly statement necklace, a studded clutch and pair of killer strappy heels! OH LAWD, sexy sexy!!

I hope you all enjoyed my little tips and tricks! I love the pieces so much and feel that they are basics that you can have in your closet and mix and match with so many things. Make sure to keep on the lookout for more amazing and fun styling tips!

Until Next Time…


❤ Kai 

What’s in my shower Tag!

Hello again!

So, on my YouTube channel I was requested to do the “What’s in my shower” tag and I never got a chance to actually do it until recently!! Check out my vid and let me know if there are any tags you want to see me do. Also, feel free to share your videos with me too! I’m always looking for new treasures in the YouTube world!

until next time….


♥ Kai

Influenster Holiday VoxBox Review #1: Kiss Nail Dress Strips.


Hey all! I wanted to do a quick review on one of the products I received via my Influenster Holiday Voxbox (check out for more info on how to receive these boxes! No cost, No gimmicks!).


The product I will be reviewing is the Kiss Nail Dress Nail Strips. The strips are similar to the Minx nail trend where a polish “sticker” is applied + adhered to the nail using a top coat (I think I explained that correctly lol).


In the photo above, I am using the strip on my ring finger only as an accent nail. I really liked this + even though the package states that you do not need a top coat, I put one on anyway + my design lasted almost a full two weeks ( started to peel after about 10-11 days).

Product Info:

•Price: $6.99
•Number of strips: 28
•Can be used for: Fingers + toes (just flip the strip upside down – shown below).


•Lasting Time: Package states 10 days
•Style Code:56703 – KDS05
•Application Directions:


So, all in all would I buy these? Absolutely! They last a long time, they look professional, their easy to appy,  the cost is great + they come in a bunch if different designs! If you want to switch up your look and want a fabulous nail design w/o the Salon cost, I think this is the way to go!

Until next time….


NEW: Kai’s Fabulous Confessions

Hello all!

So I decided to add something new to my blog. Tell me what you think??

NEW: Kai’s Fabulous Confessions:

1. Just because you’re beautiful does NOT mean you can get a man! It can be tough for anyone.

2. Sometimes I love the smell of mens frangrance and at times will dab it on my wrist, especially Prada.

3. You don’t need to be rich to be fabulous! It’s all how you present yourself.

4. Being a selfish brat is not at all sexy or fabulous….GET IT TOGETHER!! Here today gone tomorrow.

5. Don’t judge people for the situations they are in or for something they have gone through….you never know what may have started it!

6. Eat well and play, life is ours and we shouldn’t take things too seriously….

7. ….However there is no harm in being cautious. 😉

8. I love spoiling my family, friends, significant other (when I have one) and of course myself. Why not? Just make sure no one is taking advantage of you!

9.A kiss can bring a giant to his knees! True story!!

10. Fashion is my passion and accessories are my weakness….Gotta love them!!