Kai’s Fabulous Confessions

Monday, November 3, 2013

Hey all! I am back again with another list of my Fabulous Confessions! What’s yours??

Kai’s Fabulous Confessions #2:

My  Current Obsessions:

1. Dark Vampy Lippies

2. Royals by Lorde

3. Wedge heels + sneakersMy 

4. Fragrance

– Flower by Kenzo

   – Fame by Lady Gaga

  – Daisy by Marc Jacobs

– Forever Midnight by Bath + Body Works

5. Slacker Radio

6. Tomb Raider

7. Diablo 3

8. Satchel Handbags

9. Funky mobile phone cases

10. The top obsession….My BF ^_^ lol. I really like his face, what can I say! *Kanye Shrug* lol

Until next time,


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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello all! So I decided to add something new to my blog. Tell me what you think??

NEW: Kai’s Fabulous Confessions #1:

1. Just because you’re beautiful does NOT mean you can get a man! It can be tough for anyone.

2. Sometimes I love the smell of men’s fragrance and at times will dab it on my wrist, especially Prada.

3. You don’t need to be rich to be fabulous! It’s all how you present yourself.

4. Being a selfish brat is not at all sexy or fabulous….GET IT TOGETHER!! Here today gone tomorrow.

5. Don’t judge people for the situations they are in or for something they have gone through….you never know what may have started it!

6. Eat well and play, life is ours and we shouldn’t take things too seriously….

7. ….However there is no harm in being cautious. 😉

8. I love spoiling my family, friends, significant other (when I have one) and of course myself. Why not? Just make sure no one is taking advantage of you!

9. A kiss can bring a giant to his knees! True story!!

10. Fashion is my passion and accessories are my weakness….Gotta love them!!

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