M.I.A Again?? My bad!

Well Hello my beautiful and lovely people!!

Surprise! I am back lol. AGAIN AGAIN!!!! Listen, I swear to you guys, I think my life is on track + normal + boom, I get hit with some other weird or crazy thing that happens and I end up not having time to do anything or something gets hacked!!!!.

Omg, I’m so happy to be back! I love blogging and I’ve missed sharing with everyone!! How have you guys and gals been? I’ve been pretty much great but as with any life on earth, there have been ups and downs. One major up has been the new car the bf and I got! Omg, *squeeeee* it’s been a while so having transportation again is so so amazing! ūüöė


We have been enjoying the freedom of transportation and going out and doing more things. We’ve seriously gotten into Archery and it is now my obesession/hobby. We’ve been consistent and really really loving it and kicking major bootay!!


If this were an Orc, it would have fought in vain!!


Also, I met more of my bfs family and we had a wonderful time together. They make me miss my family (mum, dad, brother, and doggie Bear) so so much more. Made my heart a little bit bigger! ūüíú ūüíú ūüíú


Even though things have been a bit crazy and work literally took over my life (didn’t get to really celebrate Valentine’s Day ūüėź) we still managed time to relax with friends and take in the beauty of our planet.









All in all, life is good. Just busy and at times stressful but lovely all the same. I’m soooo stoked to be back so I hope you guys are excited for more content!!

Until Next Time…
– Kai ūüíú

Sponsored Review – Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery



Hello guys!!!!

I hope you are all well!! I know I have been gone for way too long +¬†I truly apologize! As you know I tend to be very busy with life + sometimes those things absolutely come first!! I have also been making YouTube videos so definitely check those out! I plan to do a life update video soon so I can let you all know how I’ve been getting on!

Today I am going to do a quick review for you on the Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery cream I received from iFabbo (check out this product here http://bit.ly/DSRSPF50). I could not use this product all over my face for too long because it ended up being too heavy for me + made my skin even more oily (I have oily/combo skin).


Price: $65 for 1.7 oz

Dermalogica is a well know skin care line + seems to be talked about a lot but for me this wasn’t the best option. I want to try more of their products but something that’s oil free + works with sensitive skin! The product is actually nice in the since of all the benefits it has, especially SPF50! I now only use it in my under eye are to see if it will help with fine lines…I will let you know after further research! ūüėČ

Below I have entered zoomed in photos of the packaging details which list ingredients, info, + just additional information I felt you all might find helpful!

20140925_220654~2 20140925_220738~2 20140925_220809~2 20140925_221012~2


3-5stars Rilakkuma

Overall I rate this product a 3 out of 5. It have great benefits but it was just not right for my particular skin type. I will continue to use it under my eyes to see if maybe it will work as an eye cream for me during the day. Trail + error are always going to be the case when it comes to skin care + not everything is for everyone however, I hope you guys give this a try + see how it works for you!!

I will back real soon so keep an eye out for some new stuffs!!! ^_^ ♥ ♥

Until Next Time…

‚ô• Kai

My Hair Care Routine!


In my years, I have put my hair through a lot + then some! I have colored my hair, cut it , grew it out, cut it shorter than needed, curls, relaxers…I’ve done some major alternations to the locks the good Lord gave me +¬†now, I want to grow it out again and make it healthy!


I have African РAmerican, Multi-Cultured hair. My natural curls are very loose + my hair is very fine/thin.


So about a year ago I cut my hair into a pixie cut. This was one of the shortest styles I had ever had +¬†also the hardest to grow out. When I decided to grow my hair out, I started to wear extensions +¬†weaves +¬†after a while all the heat styling +¬†relaxing to straighten my hair damaged it. My hair would break off +¬†shed like you would not believe in the shower…OMG it was a complete hot mess!

After a while I stopped relaxing my hair +¬†using heat on it +¬†just shampooed +¬†conditioned it +¬†continued with wearing weaves. This made the situation better but didn’t fix the problem. My hair was dry +¬†still shedding like crazy but after about 8 months my hair had grown out from a pixie cut to shoulder length ¬†but, it was extremely damaged!


I decided to relax my hair so that I could style it in a few ways but due to my hair being so fine, it just looked flat with no body or oomph what’s so ever. I decided to go to my local hair salon, HairMasters, +¬†requested a cut that was not too short because I wanted to grow my hair out but enough to get rid of my dead/split ends +¬†she did just that! My stylist got rid of all the dead ends +¬†cut my hair into layers so it had body +¬†bounce! A M A Z I N G!! My hair was now up to my ears but hey, it was the healthiest it had been in ages!!


20140330_115951       vitamin gummies

I made it a priority to take better care of my hair so I learned about co-washing as well as vitamins that would not bother me (due to crazy fillers). I started using Hair, Skin + Nails by this stuff has worked really well for me along with my hair care regimen. ¬†I chew 2 to 4 of these gummies ¬†a day + I have noticed a lovely amount of growth. I couldn’t put my hair in a ponytail when I first got it cut (05-06-2014) + after 5 weeks, my hair had grown 3-4 inches! I was pretty impressed with that. My hair is continuing to grow and I can’t wait to update on that in some time as well.¬†

Now on to the good stuff…the actual routine!

I co-wash my hair about 3 times a week and use the below products:

Herbal Essence Naked Cleansing Conditioner (to remove any build up – used on days where I play hard!)

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Conditioner (to moisturize and repair damage – used on every wash)

L’Oreal Total Repair ¬†5 Deep Conditioner (used once a week)

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (no pictured – used once a week)

Organix Macadamia Oil Conditioner (used on days my hair feels more dry)

**The other two products I no longer use**

After I wash my hair I comb it out which feels amazing because based on the conditioners I use, I don’t have any tangles or knots. My hair feels so soft +¬†silky…the feeling of healthy hair! If I plan to let my hair air dry, I use the products in the photo below. The oils keep my hair moisturized without build up +¬†the oil cream helps my hair to hold shape when I style. The cream can cause build up so I try not to use too much.


L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Oil

Organix Coconut Milk Oil

ORS Olive Oil Cream/Hair Lotion

When I do blow dry or flat iron my hair, when it’s damp I use one of the oils on my ends +¬†rub the remaining through my hair. I also use the Frizz-Ease 3 Day Straight all over my hair, comb it through then blow dry + flat iron accordingly. I have realized that this method has cut down on heat damage significantly but I still only do this method about once or twice a month to be safe!

Frizz Ease

All in all, this method I have started works great for my hair. I love the way my hair feels +¬†looks now! My main goal was to achieve beautiful heathy hair +¬†I feel that I am on the right track to achieving that goal! What’s your favorite hair care routine or product? Leave a comment +¬†let me know!!


‚ô• Kai

EOTD (Eyes of the Day) #1 – Green + Blue Paradise

Hello all!

My lighting isn’t the best so when it comes to filming a makeup tutorial, it’s difficult to show the actual color pay off. I plan to do post on here every so often of fun looks that I come up with in order to share them with you + to get feedback + suggestions on what else you wish to see. Below, is a look that I did today just for fun!



1. NYX Eye Shadow Base in White

2. Coastal Scents 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette (Greens + Deep Purple)

3. BH Cosmetics Take me to Brazil 30 Color Eye Shadow Palette (Yellow + Blue)

4. Jordana 12 HR Made To Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in 01 Black Point

5.Kiss Ever EZ Lashes in #10 (Super natural + adds fullness)

I hope you enjoyed + I’ll catch ya laterz!!

Until Next Time…

‚ô• Kai

My Two Scents: Review – Kracie Naive Cleansing Oil


Review time!!!!

I don’t get to shop much these days due to limitations in my work life but when I do, I love to try out new hair (another review coming soon) + skin care products. I love Asian brands because they do wonders for my skin + they really know their stuff when it comes to skincare!!

Product Information:

Brand: Kracie
Product: Cleansing Oil
Price: I bought mine for about $13
Where to buy: Amazon.com or Similar formula by Kracie on Sasa.com


Overall, I really like this product. I use this product strictly as a makeup remover + it does the job well! How I use it, is I dampen my face with warm water then I add some of the product onto a cotton pad + wipe my skin clean. It’s very simple to use + gets all the makeup off quickly however, I¬†accidentally¬†got it in my eye and it took a moment to clean it off my¬†contact! The oil didn’t sting but it left a bit of film on my contact.

When you mix this with water it turns into a milky consistency much like bath oils. I love the fact that it has a pump because that helps cut down on bacteria transfer + mess. So far, I haven’t had any irritation, breakouts or issues with this oil which is lovely because I have combo/oily skin that’s VERY sensitive! The pricing for this is not bad either because a little goes a long way + since I don’t wear makeup everyday, it should ¬†last me a good long while.

The oil is very light, it doesn’t feel thick or sticky at all, it’s very smooth + silky which I like. I wasn’t expecting that because this is my first time ever using a cleansing oil. All in all, I hope I end up loving the product + it becomes a staple in my skin care routine! Let me know if you have ever used this brand or any others that you feel are awesome!!

Until Next Time…


‚ô• Kai

Mini Giveaway!! (CLOSED)

Hey all! Here’s a mini giveaway for discounts to my new online boutique!¬†


The first 5 people to answer this Fashion Trivia question correct, will receive a $20 off a $45 purchase coupon to my online boutique. An additional 5 winners will receive a 10%  off coupon to use on anything in the boutique!! Woot Woot!! This giveaway will be on my blog, Twitter, Instagram + Facebook pages. Good Luck!!

What date + year did Vogue become a weekly publication in the United States? Who was it founded by?

Good luck everyone!

Until Next Time…


♥ Kai

My Current Plus Size Must Haves! – Chic n’ Black Styling

Hear ye, ¬†Hear ye…

Curves are sexy, curves are not about size or weight…it’s about the wonderful feminine shape of the female body…Or guy in the sense of Legolas (” Hey baby let me get yo number…Oh, Legolas I am so sorry…) Hehehe just kidding ;).

I am a tall and curvy woman and yes I have my hang ups just like everyone else and I do want to lose weight however, I wouldn’t change my curves for the world. The beauty of showing off your body is by finding clothing that fits and accents the best parts of your body! I found 3 items that I plan to add to my wardrobe and maybe you may just love it too…TRUST ME, I’M A STYLIST!!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for BLACK CLOTHING. It’s so chic and sexy but maybe not for everyone. The looks that I found below are black but of course feel free to find these items in colors that make YOU feel confident and sexy!

Look 1: The Little Black Dress – Conservative Chic


I love this dress so much for every body shape. This is a plus size dress however a straight size individual could rock this and feel fab in it. The shape is great and I love how the hem is right below the knee. This dress is modest yet sexy at the same time!

WHERE TO BUY:¬†Plus Size Fix for $34.99 –¬†City Chic Turtle Neck Sleeveless Dress

FOR DAY TIME: Wear with a printed scarf, a gold boyfriend watch, skinny belt and nude heels for a chic, comfy and polished look.

FOR NIGHT TIME: Wear with a bold necklace, tennis bracelet and a bright or print heel for a sexy yet classy come hither look.

Look 2: Little Black Dress – Edgy Chic


l love a little edge with everything I wear but I don’t want to overkill on edge hahaha. This dress is a statement all on it’s own so you don’t want to over accessorize. The tiny cutouts are fun and sexy and makes this dress really fun. The faux-leather gives it that rocker feel without being over the top.

WHERE TO BUY:¬†The Pyramid Collection¬†for $89.95 –¬†Perforated Black Dress

FOR DAY TIME: Wear with a cute cardigan , trendy stacked bracelets (Click here for great ones!), a cute single strap heel or simple booties and an over-sized clutch.

FOR NIGHT TIME: Wear with a bold statement ring, tights (depending on weather), a cool pair of Jeffery Campbell Litas, gold chain necklace and bold lipstick!

Look 3: Faux Leather Jacket

– Edgy Chic Part 2


I have been on the hunt for a super hot and figure flattering faux-leather jacket and when I saw this one I fell in love about 2200 times! Hahaha. This jacket has a sexy feminine touch with that bad ass girl feel as well. I love everything about it!!

WHERE TO BUY:¬†Plus Size Fix¬†–¬†(I am not certain if this is still available but I LOVE it)¬†

FOR DAY TIME: Wear with a cute plain white top or white and simple graphic tee , a cute shoulder bag that adds a pop of color, white pants, cool wedge sneakers and a statement necklace.

FOR NIGHT TIME: Wear with a strapless red jumpsuit (check this one out!), a sparkly statement necklace, a studded clutch and pair of killer strappy heels! OH LAWD, sexy sexy!!

I hope you all enjoyed my little tips and tricks! I love the pieces so much and feel that they are basics that you can have in your closet and mix and match with so many things. Make sure to keep on the lookout for more amazing and fun styling tips!

Until Next Time…


‚̧ Kai¬†

COASTAL SCENTS – Revealed Palette Review + Swatches

Hey there beautiful people!

After enjoying a lovely Influenster Twitter party today (while lounging under big blankets in bed + cursing the brightness of the sun) I checked my email to verify if my Coastal Scents order had been delivered + low + behold….it had! I am so excited to share this product with you and share my opinion of it at this moment.

The Revealed Palette


Where to find it: http://www.coastalscents.com
Cost: $19.95
Cost w/ shipping to Oregon: $24.00
# of shades: 20
Comparable to/Possible Dupes for: Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 + 2

Palette Shades







My Opinion

So I swatched all of the colors without any primer and the pigment is lovely. The shades are beautiful and the product is very smooth and velvety! I adore this palette. I decided to try a neutral look with this palette (sorry no photos…yet ;)) and it was an absolute breeze. The shadows blend so easily.

I do not own the Urban Decay Naked 1 or 2 palettes but of course, I have seen them and sampled them in Sephora and I feel this palette really is on par as a very great set of dupes for shades in both of those palettes. Coastal Scents has done a great job on this palette. The price is amazing, so if you are a makeup addict on a budget, $19.95 is very manageable compared to paying over $100 for 2 palettes.

Overall, I would recommend this palette to everyone. It has amazing quality, beautiful shades and very well priced. You can not go wrong with this!!

Until Next Time,



Miss A Haul!! $1 Accessories + Giveaway!


Giveaway Rules:

Contest ends 11/23/2013 at 12am PST

1. Must be a Subscriber.
2. If under 18, please have parental permission. 
3. Checkout Miss A and tell me in the comments what caught your eye on the site.
4. Also, on your comment leave a suggestion about a video you would like to see from me.
5. Please only enter 1 time!!
6. Like this video!


My Current Manicure

Hiya hiya!

This is the latest manicure I’ve been rocking + I really like it. I received a lot of compliments on it + it’s so simple!


I bought the below nail foils from Walgreens for about $3.


Once I applied these to my nails, I let them bond for a moment + while doing so I decided to pose all cute like…


Once the foils felt secure, I filed off the extra backing, sealed with the Sensational Gel top coat + put my hands under the LED lamp for a minute per hand. It turned out to be a really cute manicure and has lasted 2 + a half weeks so far!!


I think I will try other sticker variations + see what I can come up with!!

‚ô• Kai