My Two Scents: Review – Kracie Naive Cleansing Oil


Review time!!!!

I don’t get to shop much these days due to limitations in my work life but when I do, I love to try out new hair (another review coming soon) + skin care products. I love Asian brands because they do wonders for my skin + they really know their stuff when it comes to skincare!!

Product Information:

Brand: Kracie
Product: Cleansing Oil
Price: I bought mine for about $13
Where to buy: or Similar formula by Kracie on


Overall, I really like this product. I use this product strictly as a makeup remover + it does the job well! How I use it, is I dampen my face with warm water then I add some of the product onto a cotton pad + wipe my skin clean. It’s very simple to use + gets all the makeup off quickly however, I accidentally got it in my eye and it took a moment to clean it off my contact! The oil didn’t sting but it left a bit of film on my contact.

When you mix this with water it turns into a milky consistency much like bath oils. I love the fact that it has a pump because that helps cut down on bacteria transfer + mess. So far, I haven’t had any irritation, breakouts or issues with this oil which is lovely because I have combo/oily skin that’s VERY sensitive! The pricing for this is not bad either because a little goes a long way + since I don’t wear makeup everyday, it should  last me a good long while.

The oil is very light, it doesn’t feel thick or sticky at all, it’s very smooth + silky which I like. I wasn’t expecting that because this is my first time ever using a cleansing oil. All in all, I hope I end up loving the product + it becomes a staple in my skin care routine! Let me know if you have ever used this brand or any others that you feel are awesome!!

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♥ Kai

Tips + Tricks #1 – Goodbye Ingrown Hairs, Hello Sexy Legs!!!!


Ingrown hairs are basically the Devil in disguise! I’m telling you, they hurt + are just so darn nasty!! I am blessed to be a natural curly haired girl + for as long as I can remember, I have had issues with ingrown hairs after shaving. Some people may say, “Just wax” or “Use a chemical hair remover”! I absolutely appreciate the suggestions but those options just DO NOT work for me. My skin is always left behind so irritated + for the bikini area….well….it’s not pretty! LOL

If you haven’t read my blog post about the Bliss Ingrown Hair Pads, you probably don’t know that those things about killed me! Hahaha, my skin was much too sensitive for them so I have been on a hunt to find a method that works for me + by Jove I think I’ve got it!! I am going to share with you what I do to obtain a close shave and keep ingrown hairs at bay!


1. A cleanser or Mask that contains salicylic acid.


2.  Exfoliating Gloves

bath gloves

3. Bikini Zone Anti Bumps Shave Gel

bikini zone

4. A 5 blade razor

5 blade razor

5. Argan Oil or some type of pure oil for the body.

argan oil

6. A Body Butter

body butter


1.  The first thing I did was research what kind of things help ingrown hairs + salicylic acid popped up. I thought that this would  be something awesome to try because it was something I had in my home already. I had a mask with salicylic acid in it and an exfoliating cleaner, so for a week (without shaving) I cleansed my legs with the cleanser and the day before, I used the mask on my legs (left on for 15 minutes while relaxing and wearing a face mask). I washed the mask off,  pat dried my legs + moisturized them.

2. On the day that you decide to shave, when you jump into the shower, wash the rest of your body and then use your exfoliating glove (and your favorite body wash) to gently exfoliate your le gs to help loosen the hairs + to remove any dead skin cells.

3. Next I apply the Bikini Zone gel to my legs + let it set for a moment. This product really works + helps to keep my skin irritation free…in all areas, including under the arms. Once that has set for about a minute or 2, I use a 5 blade razor. Man, a razor like this is magic!! I swear it gets all the hair + I highly recommend  them!

4. After you have shaved every area that needs it, gently exfoliate your legs/necessary area again. I have read that people actually shave a second time but that is up to each individual + not part of my actual routine.

5. Once out of the shower, pat dry your skin. You want to care for your skin not damage it! when your skin is still a bit damp, mix the oil of your choice together with the body butter, cream, or moisturizer of your choice and smooth onto your legs. Your skin should feel amazing after this!!

I love wearing silky or satin PJ’s after shaving my legs because they feel so smooth + silky! I always get compliments from the bf on how smooth my skin is and it’s because I take the time to care for it. You have to relax sometimes and this is a wonderful way to unwind + enjoy some time away from the busy world we are all a part of!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tip so please feel free to comment below + share this with someone who might be looking for a solution to this common problem! I will see you in the next post!!

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What’s in my bag??

Yes, Yes…I am back with another post!!

I wanted to share my new Youtube video (done in stop motion) and get your opinion on what type of videos you like to watch. I plan to shorten my videos to 5-8 minutes or below. This makes it easier for me to film more and to not waste your time!!

I hope you enjoy + feel free to comment anytime!

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Tag: What I’m Using Now

Hello my lovelies!!


I have returned to you with a tag that I saw on the blog of the great + powerful, lady of a different color, Phyrra! I decided to do this a while ago but I got so caught up in a gazillion other things that I forgot to. also, the hair products I’m using now have changed but I started this before I got those (just days ago) so I will update this in a few weeks or so!

I hope you enjoy this tag + please do it too so I can see (yeah I’m nosy) what you are using right now!!

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MAKEUP BRUSHES (My go to brushes)


















SKINCARE (Cleanser, Exfoliator, Toner)


















My Two Scents – Review: Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads


Product: Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads
Where to buy: or Sephora Stores
Price: $10.00 for 10 Pads or $38.00 for 50 Pads
How to use: Use pads on necessary areas in-between shaving or waxing treatments. After you shower, take a pad and rub over any incoming stubble. Use 12 hours after shaving + 24 hours after waxing.

Hey there lovlies!

So, I tend to have a thing for products that will increase the smoothness + condition of my skin + with that being said, I like to try new lotions, creams, shave gels, exfoliators and ingrown hair eliminators.

While taking a stroll, I decided to stop by Sephora and look around for a few new fun products + to check out the skincare section. Of course, a very friendly well made up + chipper beauty advisor came up to me and asked if I had any questions. I told her I knew the store well (I’m a former Sephora employee) however, I have only tried a few Bliss products + I was really interested in the ingrown hair eliminating pads..

The beauty advisor was happy to explain to me how great the product was and the benefits. I thought hey, this sounds like something I would like to try out. I don’t grow hair much but I wanted to try this for the underarm area, bikini area and legs (for when I do shave) to have a smoother experience…. BOY….I was going to really regret this!

I brought my package home + decided to prepare my legs + underarm area so I could try this product. I did my normal routine (shower, exfoliate, shave, in shower lotion, rinse). I decided to wait an entire 24 hours before using the pads since my skin is very sensitive.

After it had been 24 hours (8pm or so the next evening) I rubbed the product on my legs + underarms after my shower. At first I was fine, then came the HURT!! My legs started buring then I noticed my underarms were too! I was end so much pain. I tried to fan my skin but that did not work!! I ended up jumping back in the shower using cool water + that helped greatly!! I was soooo thankful for that water! Hahaha.

Overall,  I think the product works for some people but for me, I have insanely sensitive skin so I may not ever be able to use this product in this formula. Maybe if one comes out for sensitive skin but at this time I should just stay far far away lol.

If you have tried this before, let me know what your experience was like..

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♥ Kai

Get Ready With Me – Day Time Skincare Routine


Products used in the video:

Hair band: Dollar Tree

Velcro Hair bow: Either from or Ebay

Exfoliator: Frutique Papaya Enzyme Gel 

Exfoliating Glove: Dollar Tree

Facial Cleanser: Naive Rose Extract Cleanser

Cleansing Brush: Pretika Sonic Dermabrasion Facial Brush

Lip Scrub: Homemade with Olive Oil + White Sugar

Toner: Hadasui Skin Water ( I bought mine from an Asian market so it’s a little bit different).

Lip Balm: VS Smooth Kiss Lip Balm but I love THIS ONE so much more.

Eye Cream: Collection Hydrationist Repairing Anti-wrinkle Cream (Big Lots for $3)

Serum: Meaningful Beauty Creme de serum (tried this out but not crazy about it).

Moisturizer: Aveeno Positively Ageless

My Everyday Makeup Routine (Minus my famous eyeliner lol).

 Hiya hiya!

After I hopped out the shower I decided it would be a good time to do an everday makeup routine video. Part of the video freezes near the end and to this very moment, I do not know why!!!! *Shakes fist in air*!!

This is the normal routine I do if I am running out or if I am going to work but don’t feel like looking so fab. Maybe in the near future I will do a video of my “night out”, “date night” look. Would you guys want to see that? Maybe I will do a skin care routine video as well…hmmmmmm….OPTIONS PEOPLE!! Lol

I hope you like the vid and let me know what you think.

Until next time,


❤ Kai

SPLURGE – A – Gram #1



What is Splurge – a – gram? Well, this is a post that will pop up from time to time that will list my opinions on a pricey beauty item and if I think it’s worth the bucks!


•Product: Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Serum

•Cost: $99

•Where to buy it:

•Like/Dislike: Like!

•Can you see a difference? Yes, my skin bounces back.

•Pros: Your skin changes for the better almost overnight. Called “the face lift in a bottle”. Leaves the skin supple, very smooth + hydrated.

•Cons: Price! I mean wow, $99!!

•Does it work? From what I can tell yes!

•My age: 29

•Bought or Sponsored: Sponsored

•Would I purchase: Yes, but It would be once a year and this has lasted for about that long.

~ Note: I seriously do not look my age and I think this helps + genes of course but this serum is pretty bombtastic!