W E L C O M E ! !

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog!! It’s been about 2 years since I last posted + let me tell you, I reallllllllly miss it lol.

Life has been so busy + so crazy + I just really needed to get things in order, in order to figure out how I wanted to progress. Sometimes it takes a while to understand + execute your visions + I think I have better ideas now!

If you have followed me + have stayed with me through all my ups + downs + hiatuses, thank you so so much! Also, you will see that all my previous post are on their own page, so if you wish to visit those works, they are all nice in snug in the ” Previous Post (2013-2017) page.

Please enjoy all the new content I intend to post + just have a good ol’ time! For a bit of guidance, below gives you a bit of info on what each page is about. Thanks again + enjoy!!

HOME – Introduction
ABOUT – All about ME!
SHOP – My merch site!
BEAUTY – Beauty Reviews + More
FASHION – Reviews, OOTDs (Outfit of the Day), fashion inspiration + more.
THE BULLSHIT FACTOR – Things that I want to speak about in regards to life + serious situations
PREVIOUS BLOG POST (2013-2017) – All my previous works
KAI’S FABULOUS CONFESSIONS – Things I wish to confess about or my love for!
CHIC N’ BLACK STYLING – My Styling Business info.