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Tue, 05 Jun 2012 05:44:25


Hello all,

This is a quick introduction explaining what this blog is all about. First off my name is Kai Wiley and I am a fresh new face in the world of styling! I created Chic n Black because I am very passionate about fashion and when you look good, you feel good over all. I want to be able to show people that no matter what your size, you can look absolutely amazing in many types of fashions! I also created this blog to post my likes and dislikes on fashion, trends, and celebrity inspirations. If you click on the Galleries tab, you will see some looks I have put together. I am currently in the process and planning for two upcoming projects which you can view in the Projects tab. Fashion is an Art and I want to be your Artist and you my canvas. Oh yes! So many good things to come my loves! Stay tuned!!!!


~Kai Wiley~




The below looks were created using the program on Unfortunately, this site is no longer active in the way that it use to be which I absolutely hate because I had so much inspiration using this program!






















Hello all!

So, I wanted to share with you my creations on how I would wear this seasons hot Spring fashion trends. One thing I love about Spring is that everything is so bright and pretty which puts you in a great mood. Florals remind you of the newly blooming flowers and Nautical stripes make you want to go out on a boat and just relax while drinking mimosas! The looks a pieced together will look great on almost any body type with small tweaks here and there. I put together six looks but, if you wish to see more feel free to message me on leave a comment with your request!


~Kai Wiley~


During cool Spring afternoons/evenings, wear a bright colored coat or jacket like the picture below. You can spice up your look by wearing an amazing dress, heels and a handbag or you can wear this coat over a tee and jeans to dress it down. Any way you wear it you will turn heads!


When days are a bit warmer and you want to feel easy breezy and chic, a beautiful dress that’s slightly billowy with soft draping can be rather eye catching and comfortable!! I added a belt to this dress in a cool spring shade to bring some color to the neutral look. I also kept the jewelry to a minimum using a bracelet as the statement piece. I wanted to keep this look very simple and light. A nice pair of light colored peep toe heels completed this look.


Vest are fun with lots of different looks but for this one, I wanted to create something that was really playful and cute! I wanted to add some character to the vest so I added a black flower broach to the lapel. I didn’t want to make the look too dressy, so I added a soft green tank underneath the vest. The green tank looked lovely paired with the vest because of the soft pink and grey colors. A cute chunky bracelet, long pearl chain necklace, and a cross body bag add extra flair to a simple look. I wanted the shorts to be fitted but slightly loose for comfort and tights and wedges for a polished inncocent look.

70s Reprise

Oh yeah! Get down with your funky self in this 70’s inspired look!! The style in this era could get pretty crazy but you can’t go wrong with a floral top, hat, sunglasses and a pair of jeans! I wanted to make this look even more relaxed and laid back with a pair of flat sandals. This is the easiest look to put together and you can save money by shopping vintage!


I love love love anything that’s not the “norm”. Mixing prints is something I think everyone should try! If you carefully pick your prints out, you can create something really beautiful. Here I paired stripes and floral. I kept the floral very light making the dominate pattern the stripes. The accesories I chose helped to bring out the dominate pattern and the cardigan softened the look to bring it all together! Oh how I love to play with prints!!

I love this look so much. This is a look I would wear on a beautiful Spring day if I needed an extra boost in the morning! citrus is really hot this season
and I think it looks amazing with blues.A bright top with a blue skirt just screams “TROPICAL BEAUTY”. A nice blue hand bag and pendant help to
breakup the colors while making each individual piece more vibrant. Keeping the shoes a nude color elongates the legs and allows focus to stay
on the beauty of the attire. This is another very easy look to put together!

I hope you all enjoyed my creations using trends that are popping up every where for Spring. Stay connected and keep looking forward to more
fashion goodies and tips from me!

Such A Wee Bonnie Lass

I put this look together with the thought of chic comfort on my mind. I also think of a busy woman always on the go on the streets of New York City. This look is so very elegant and can easily be worn to work or going out. The makeup I chose for this look will add a soft and natural peachy glow to the skin adding life and brightness. You can never go wrong with a classic handbag like the Chanel one featured in the photo. I know it can be expensive, so you can look for a handbag with similar detailing for a much more fair price. Nude toned heels look fabulous and help breakup the look especially with long dark trousers like these. A simple gold delicate watch and maybe a single strand pearl necklace are the only pieces of jewelry you need. For this, less is definitely more!

~ Kai ~

MEET ME @ 8: Dinner Date attire

There is just something so amazing about getting dressed up for a date or going out with your friends. Who doesn’t like to get dolled up and dress nice every once in a while……or always! Ha!!

For this look, I wanted it to be something young and playful but well put together as well. The dress caught my eye because of the detailing on the waist and the one long sleeve. It helps you to show just the right amount of skin without feeling overexposed. I wanted to go outside of the box for shoes too. A black dress with black heels just seems too boring to me, so I kept it bold but didn’t go over board by picking these dark plum heels. I think they are so eye catching and très chic!

With a dress like this you do not need a necklace, but wearing your hair up and choosing a pair of dangle earrings can help add character to your look. Since the outfit is so dark, I wanted to add some lighter pieces to the outfit to make it really pop. For your bare arm, wear ivory/eggshell and gold tone bangles. This goes nicely with the detailing on the dress. I also figured to in a way, match the clutch to the bangles. Everything just seems to come together once you know exactly how you want to wear your main pieces (dress & shoes).

This is so far one of my favorite looks I pieced together. I will be working on more styles to provide you with lots of fashion ideas and hopefully some really good inspiration!!

Come back soon for more great fashion tips!



OOTD: Shopping and Dinner 


I met up today with a friend I haven’t seen since junior high school and we went out to dinner. We are working on collaborating to help grow her company and in the long run, everyone becomes a success! She is a character indeed and that’s what makes her appealing to the people!! Since this was a business/meet again dinner (lol) I wanted to dress up a bit without dressing up. I wore a cropped blazer ($9 at Dots), Black Trousers ($12 at DEB), a basic black tank, belt ($6 at Dots) and flats. My necklace and ring are from Forever 21, bracelets from and my hand bag is from I though this look was pretty chic yet rather simple. It was super comfy and chill….right up my ally!

Beware of the goofy face! Lol…I was trying to look normal taking a pic of myself at Macy’s lol. Review


Yesterday, I received my first order from and I must say I am very pleased. I don’t know what took me so long to make my first purchase. I have had an account with the company for months now. I also have an account with and they have a jewelry selection to choose from and that’s probably what kept me away for a while….not any longer!

First, some history on

  1. is a company created by actress Kate Bosworth and Stylist Cher Coulter
  2. Once you start on the site, you create a style profile (after completing a style survey) to allow them to match up the right kind of jewelry to your taste.
  3. You can buy one item a month at $29.99 per item or buy additional items at $29.99 a piece. If your budget does not allow you to shop that month, you can skip and not be charged.
  4. You are not charged until you make your first purchase and there is free shipping and simple returns.
  5. If nothing suits your fancy, you can request something different

When I received my order and took it out of the black jewelmint labeled shipping package, I pulled out a lovely black box with a pretty sturdy magnetic closure and jewelmint written on the lower left corner. When I opened it, there was a note card on the lid with details about the product listed in a very elegant way. I removed the foam covering the necklace and unveiled a gorgeous and extremely well crafted necklace. I am in love!

This company has my business for good now!! First impressions are everything. The quality is very nice and the necklace feels sturdy and is well made. It can be worn in a casual way or in a dressy way. This is by far the cutest necklace I have purchased in a while. I definitely recommend to anyone who wants amazing jewelry without breaking the bank!



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<![CDATA[Just a few things I picked up while out & about with my friends.

<wp:post_id>16157856<wp:post_date>2011-04-30 19:01:58<wp:post_date_gmt>2011-05-01 02:01:58publish<wp:post_parent>0<wp:post_type> Inexpensive Accessories, 05 May 2011 23:22:55 -0700Lushevans
<![CDATA[This video is just a small haul of some fun, cute & inexpensive jewelry from Forever21.comIf you change your look/taste a lot, this store as a lot of us know, is a great option!!]]>
<wp:post_id>16302316<wp:post_date>2011-05-05 23:22:55<wp:post_date_gmt>2011-05-06 06:22:55publish<wp:post_parent>0<wp:post_type>post-Me @ Work/ Wardrobe Stylist, 13 May 2011 03:45:16 -0700Lushevans
<![CDATA[This is a slide show of the pix I took while working Tuesday night. This was an exciting day for my crew and I!!!! Shout out to Chrissie, Jen, Justin, Robert and Lindsay Adler for giving us this opportunity!!!!]]>
<wp:post_id>16509720<wp:post_date>2011-05-13 03:45:16<wp:post_date_gmt>2011-05-13 10:45:16publish<wp:post_parent>0<wp:post_type>post-PHOTO SHOOTS, 03 Jun 2011 06:05:07 -0700Lushevans

<wp:post_id>17607745<wp:post_date>2011-06-03 06:05:07<wp:post_date_gmt>2011-06-03 13:05:07publish<wp:post_parent>0<wp:post_type>post-Fuze it Worldwide Red Carpet Event…..What the heck to wear????, 12 Jun 2011 19:58:02 -0700Lushevans
<![CDATA[Hey all!! This video is a days journey of my friends and I (The Chic n’ Black Styling crew) trying to find an outfit for a red carpet event. We are a rather hilarious bunch lol. The pictures are of what we decided on. It actually ended up being extremely hot out!!!! Ugh! I will be posting a vid of the event soon!! Enjoy!!

How To Wear Peacock Earrings

Sun, 19 Jun 2011

Pretty as a Peacock

Lately, I have seen a lot of peacock inspired styles and jewelry in many stores. I think peacocks have such beautiful colors and patterns and I support this trend. For some, it may not be easy to wear this pattern so I wanted to write this post in order to show you a classy and simple way to wear peacock earrings.
Wearing too many pieces of the same pattern can look way too busy and unflattering. Try to find one statement piece and stick with creating a look around that. If your dress has peacock details, wear simple jewelry. If you are wearing peacock jewelry, wear a simple outfit!
In the look above, I wanted to go for an elegant yet comfortable look. The red pencil skirt brings eye catching color and shape to the body with the draped detailing. The tank is a beautiful gold color and would look lovely tucked into the skirt for an overall polished and well put together outfit. The top compliments the subtle gold in the earrings. Next, I decided to go with nude pumps. Nude pumps help the legs to look longer and to keep the focus upward onto your attire. I added a beautiful gold leaf cuff bracelet with this look for added elegance and a coral, nude and gold ring to pull all the colors from the outfit together in a gentle and lovely way. Lastly I kept up with the gold theme and chose a clutch in a vibrant blue with gold hardware to add another pop of color that’s also in the peacock earrings. This outfit is also a safe way to try the color blocking trend. I will post more about coloring blocking in another entry!
Overall, this outfit is bold without standing out too much. You can wear this out to dinner or to a business meeting if you change the earring to studs and add a nice blazer.
I hope you enjoyed this little chic post and again, I will be back soon on ways to try the color blocking trend from safe to extremely bold!! Love you all!!

PLUS SIZE OOTD + My Favorite places to shop

Tue, 26 Jul 2011 


Hey all! Long time no post eh?

I am truly sorry about that but I have been working A LOT! I wanted to share with you my outfit of the day and where I like to shop for my clothes. Being a plus size woman does not mean you need to dress like a grandma! I love to look chic + lovely + I am pretty sure most women want to as well!


-Old Navy

-Forever 21




When I go shopping at places that do not have a plus size selection or limited selection, I tend to look for items that I believe will fit and look flattering on me. I like to look for clothing that have a bit of stretch to them, are flowy, and/or made to be oversized. The smiley tank I am wearing in the video from H+M is a size 6/small and it was an oversized tank but for me, it fit like a regular tank. The black tank I’m wearing is a XL and fits a bit bigger which I liked for layering.

The most imprtant thing is to try things on a play around with pairing items to create something amazing! I hope these quick tips helped you a bit and stay tuned for more post to come!!



My Sunglasses Collection

Tue, 26 Jul 2011


Here is a quick look at the sunglasses I’ve been wearing this summer. Not only are sunglasses great for protecting your eyes, they are also great for adding a little something extra to an outfit!



Holiday Glam Fashion Show!

Mon, 05 Dec 2011 

Hello everyone!

I know it has been an insanely long time since I’ve posted anything and I am extremely sorry for that!! Business has been on the move and I just haven’t had the time….until now!!

Since business is moving and people want to see updated fashion ideas and such, I will now be posting (to the best of my ability) every other day. Sometimes I may not get to post but will have something up asap. Chic n’ Black Styling or CNBS, has been involved in a lot since my last post and I will update you on everything in the next post.

We are currently part of an event this Friday called the Holiday Glam Fashion show! I have posted a flyer below for you. If you are in the Cincinnati/Kentucky area, please come out and enjoy yourself!!! Also, please bring a gently used coat for the coat drive for St. Vincent de Paul!

I will be back with lots of updates and fashion tips in the next few days and I can’t wait to finish our new website as well!! I hope to see many of you soon!

Thank you sooooo much 🙂




Mon, 26 Dec 2011

Happy Holidays everyone!! I will back with new post during the week!! The Holidays have been crazy busy and there have been a few weddings and birthdays too so it put me behind a bit but no worries, goodies soon to come!! 2012 Baby!! Gonna be a good year!!

Much Love,



First Date Chic

Fri, 27 Jan 2012 

First Date Chic
Hello again!!

Long time no write eh? Sorry for being gone for so long but things in life have been changing and have been really busy but you now have CNBS back to give you fun fashion tips!! Today, I am posting about First Dates! I (Kai) am doing a series of videos on youtube about dating and all the joys and pains of it! The series will include dating stories, makeup tips, advice and of course my personal favorite FASHION!

The look I put together today is a look I feel would be amazing for a first date. Not only chic and edgy, but comfortable and eye catching. On a first date we want to make a killer first impression and believe it or not, people are going to notice what you’re wearing first! Let me explain why I chose each piece.


For the makeup, I chose to keep everything extra simple. Why? Because you want your date to see YOU, and not a ton of makeup. No one is perfect and please remember that! It’s all smoke and mirrors and you want your date to see true reality! Now don’t get me wrong, makeup is fine (foundation + concealer are great for hiding those blemishes that pop up mysteriously…or because you were stressed out about the upcoming date lol) just do not over do it for a first date! I will have more tips on that on my beauty blog so stay tuned!

Now I chose Dior Show Mascara because I love how full and lush it makes your lashes look. This will give your eyes that beautiful flirty flare that will have your date staring deep into your soul. The OPI nail polish in Lincoln Park After Dark is one of my all time favorites. It’s a dark polish but not a straight black so it gives you that versatility along with a bit of edge (which I adore). The MAC tinted balm is nice for a pop of color on your lips without the mess of a lipstick. We want to keep those kisser smooth and hydrated….just in case. 😉


For the look I chose skinny jeans because denim is always comfortable but the skinny jean can be dressed up a bit to keep from looking overly casual unless that is what you are going for. Also, Skinny jeans make your legs look long and luscious. Also, for this look I had this current cold weather in mind so I chose a cardigan with some layers to add some dimension to the over all look and some additional warmth. I also included a peach scarf for a pop of color and even more warmth depending on what the weather is like. I really like the skull tank and black wedge shoes with spikes because it adds more EDGE and a hint of punk without being over the top. Your look will still be pretty and feminine.


Last but not least are the lovely accessories. Now I know not everyone can just go out and pick up a Michael Kors bag, but I used this one as an example of the type of handbag that would look great with this outfit. You of course can change the handbag to any type you wish! I always like the look of simplicity when it comes to jewelry, so I picked a large ring that goes well with the shades of the outfit and the handbag, Oh so darling!!
I hope you enjoyed this look and please stayed tuned for more fun date looks, fashion ideas and tips!

Until next time!!


Sexy for Valentine’s Day
Tue, 31 Jan 2012 
My Red Hot Valentine

Hello all!

So today I decided to put a look together that I though would be darling for Valentine’s Day. What do you think?

It’s daring but not too much. A black Peacoat would be adorable over this during a chilly night. Of course I added the sexy lingerie because even if NO ONE IS GOING TO SEE THEM, it still makes you feel pretty and sexy when you have on fabulous lingerie!

I really love this look!! ^_^ Hope this brings you some inspiration!

Until next time ❤


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<![CDATA[This is a vid I made after shoe shopping and if you have bigger feet….DEF WATCH THIS!!

Until Next time….

❤ Kaiotee


I’m Baaaaacccckkkk ^_^

Tue, 15 May 2012 06:54:46

Hello my good people!!

I am so sorry to have been away for so long but I moved across the Country and now reside in Portalnd, OR! I am making this short post to just state that I will be back with goodies starting next week and hopefully keeping a regular schedule! Thanks for Staying in touch and as always pleas stay AWESOME + FABULOUS!!

❤ Kai

UPDATE!!!! Where have we been and where we are going!

Wed, 20 Jun 2012 02:04:36

Hello everyone!

So, I (Kai) and the Chic n’ Black crew have been away for a loooong time! Life, moving, projects and work have consumed our time so things have fallen a wee bit behind. WE ARE SOOOOO SORRY 😦

I am working really hard to sort out my schedule so that I can get back on track with updating the Chic n’ Black Styling website and creating really fun videos for the CNBS Youtube channel and also to keep up with the CNBS facebook fanpage. Please hang on because I have a lot of fun things I want to do and share with you all.


One of the biggest changes for us was the move one of my best friends/assistant (hehehe) and I made. WE MOVED TO PORTLAND, OR!

I am trying to get the company up and moving here as well as continue to keep things moving in Cincinnati, Ohio as well. It’s now only two of us offically and we still have a great group of volunteers helping us to make things happen!! We are blessed for sure!


On 06/16/2012 CNBS was part of the Urban Glam by Jamie Fashion Show. We were one of the many sponsors to help put the show together. WE started working on this project in February and once we moved to Portland in May, continued to work on the project via emails, video chat, and phone. Congrats to Jamie!!

Here is a link to an article about the event:

I am trying to put together an amazing fashion show to showcase CNBS here in Portland. I’m thinking…hmmmm….lots of black, sparkle and DIVADOM!! Yes Yes….We will have fun!


We are working on fun videos for our Youtube channel as well as fun fashion giveaways and of course, tips, ticks and trends….and non trends hahaha. I am looking into ways to bring in more philanthropy based projects as well as bigger and challenging projects as well. I am also going to be updating my beauty blog and adding giveaways and reviews for those who enjoy that! (

Overall, we have a lot to sort out and a lot we are working on bringing to you so please continue your patience with us and trust you will not be disappointed! WE LOVE YOU LIKE A LOVE SONG BABY!!!! Hahahah LOl.

Until next time…

❤ Kai

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