1.  How old are you? 30 on February 6, 2014…I beez really old!

2. If you have a YouTube account, what’s your username? Lushevans

3. Do you own shirts with funny sayings on them? If so, which is your favorite? Yes, they are funny because they are nerdy. I think I love my Doctor Who tees the most!

4. Would you ever consider getting permanent makeup if it was free of charge?  I think I would just for my eyebrows because they have a mind of their own….they don’t want to grow. 😦

5. What’s one way people commonly misspell your name? My first name is Sheena and they spell that wrong all the time! I’ve seen Shena, Shenna, Shina..Who would of thought!

6. Do you ever wear fishnet stockings? Ummmm…I plead the 5th…1, 2, 3, 4, FIFTH!!

7. What is one career that you would never consider? Breeding Cows…I’ve seen some things..I do not wish to see those things again, in fact…We never spoke of this!

8. If someone offered you $5 each for a pair of your used underwear, would you give it to them? Ewww no! Freak Nasty’s…I only sell for a minimum of $250…hehehe I kid I kid!

9. Do you put makeup on when you’re not going anywhere? Yup…I am so guilty of this but hey, why buy it and not use it!

10. What was the last shampoo you used? Tresemme

11. How many malls have you been to? Too many lol

12. If you found out you were pregnant right now, what would you do? Who would be the first person you would tell? Well, I would just be kind of shocked for a moment then tell my significant other. I’m too old to freak out.

13. How much body hair on a guy is too much in your opinion? A lot of back hair is kinda scary but I have grown to not mind it too much…unless it’s back hair…AHHHH!

14. What are some things you own that have leopard print on them? Phone cases, scarves, just different bits of accessories.

15. What’s the most you’ve paid for a pair of shoes, and what brand/kind were they? Ermmm, I can’t remember. I am more of a handbag girl than shoes so my shoes are less expensive. Cheap really.

16. What does the design on the shirt you’re wearing look like? It’s the TARDIS from Doctor Who

17. Do you shave your legs in the winter? Yup, when necessary.

18. Do you like going to the gym? Sure do but I don’t get to go as much so I go for walks and jogs on a regular basis and I have weights and things at home.

19. When was your last job interview, what company was it for, and how did it go? Eid Passport and I have been there for almost 2 years.

20. Is your cellphone clock in analog time (ex. 6:09pm) or army time (ex. 18:09)? Analog but I understand military time just fine! 🙂


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